Bibo, Marbella


Daní Garcia’s a local lad. A local lad with two Michelin stars under his belt, deals with McDonald’s, airport eateries, a critically-acclaimed restaurant with an epic tasting menu and now this, Bibo. Garcia’s presence in Marbella is making the town a truly exciting place to eat.

Quirky, beautifully branded, fun and wonderfully welcoming, don’t let its five-star location put you off from popping in for a beer and tapas. But that would be a waste, as the menu here is a story that celebrates traditional cooking and great local produce, all given the Garcia treatment.

Why we love it: 
The staff are adorable. The interior design is inspiring. The menu is great for a quick lunch or long drawn out dinner with a table full of friends.

Stand-out dish:


There are many: from the freshly-baked focaccia sprinkled with tomato dust, through to the croquetas. But this wood oven-roasted pepper dish was truly special. Cooked low and slow, the peppers take on a smoky flavour, whilst their sweetness is enhanced by the low heat. On top of the pepper’s almost meat-like flesh, sits a layer of sweet, translucent lardo that brings with it an earthiness. Incredible.

*** Update from June 2016 ***
The wheels had barely screeched to a halt on Málaga airport’s hot tarmac, and we were hot-footing it to Bibo – with friends in tow, to show off this modern gem that we’d discovered on our last visit. Much to our enormous disappointment, something was way off-mark. The service was sloppy – dishes forgotten, no apologies made – and the food was really below-par. Does Señor Garcia need to be at Bibo to ensure good food leaves the kitchen? Surely that means the concept doesn’t work? Much like his airport concession at Málaga airport, this feels like the hometown hero has spread himself a little too thin. Let us know if you’ve been recently.

Boulevard Príncipe Alfonso Von Hohenlohe, 29602 Marbella
Tel: +34 951 607 011


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