An Ode To… Trashy Patatas Bravas


You know how it is. After one too many, pre-prandial fish bowl gin & tonics, followed by a late-night meal washed down with a bottle or two of Rioja, the next day – shading your delicate eyes from the bright sunshine and blue skies – requires just two things: carbs and cold beer. There is no other lunch that hits the spot better than a plate of the trashiest patatas bravas you can find – mayonnaise optional. Forget homemade, spicy tomato sauces, or potatoes that have been lovingly roasted for hours in the finest extra virgin olive oil. This calls for the following:
1) a packet of frozen potato chunks, deep-fried;
2) a jar of bright red bravas sauce, spicy, but also quite vinegar-y;
3) a squirt of plastic bottle mayo;
4) several tiny, waxy paper napkins;
5) a cold, cold glass of Cruzcampo or San Miguel, preferably in a glass taken straight from the freezer.
If this five-step plan doesn’t sort you out, there’s nothing more we can do to help you. You’re welcome.

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